Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Celebrating 25 years afloat.

We moored on the Thames at Kelmscot , which is a peaceful, rural spot, very near Kelmscot manor William Morris' home. Many lovely early morning  walks from here, one very happy dog.
Had super evening at the local pub The Plough , which manages to  keeps its old world charm ,with a delicious choice of food, which we enjoyed to the full.

All sorts of Weather on the river.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Gershwin gets to grips with boating life

Enjoying the sunshine at Kelmscot.
Watching my crew  do the work at Pinkhill lock.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

On the River Thames at last

Had super jolly time in Oxford with family,involving lots of delicious food, recomend trying Atomic
Burger quirky cafe, with really tasty food, also wounderful icecream waffles at D and G's all along the Cowley road.
Found Gershwin at the Bluecross near Oxford with the help of sisters Liz and Jill, and family.
It's just like having a baby again, dog paraphernalia all over the place. Having to get up early and bed late. Very early playful mornings! But he is doing ok clean indoors for 3 days and can sit when asked. Loves to play with other dogs , and chew things !
Came off the river ,as heavy rain meant increased flow, which wasn't too much fun.
Trying again today , moored at Ensham up stream of Oxford ,right across from the wier. Lock keeper says the river is settling down, only a few fast flowing stretches still!?

And then there was Five!