Thursday, 18 July 2013

32 Degrees

This weather is amazing, 32 degrees here in Harefield yesterday. Moored above Black Jack 's lock, managed to find a little shade for Brian to work in, he made a wonderful Heron , which is a nice quiet bird not like the peacocks which are living on a little island just across from us, very much heard but can't be seen! Wanted to get a photo but they are hiding in the bushes.
Lots of boats passing on their way to the IWA rally, started going by this morning at 5am!
We are staying here as our new fridge won't arrive until the 2nd of August! Struggling on with ours which is just about keeping things from going off!
Went to the local pub last night which is in a beautiful position looking over a lake with sailing boats, we are looking for some where nice to eat out, for our 25th wedding anniversary, can't believe it, time has flown by.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hot!! at Rickmansworth

Moored above Stockers lock,  actually near a small hill, first one we've seen for a while.
Spent a couple of days with our friends Martin and Sue on Orinoco. Brian did a job for them he'd quoted for over 2 years ago, they were just about to ring us when we appeared as if by magic.
Moved up to Rickmansworth , hadn't remembered how nice this part of the Grand union was, with lots of connecting streams, pretty bridges and lots of lovely water Lilly's.
Got our " tackle out" ,as our friend Linda likes to say! Sales ok.
Only sad news our fridge has died on the hottest day of the year!!!, Brian has tried his very very best to keep it going but I'm afraid spending lots of money on a new one seems very likely.Better get selling my tackle quick!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Denham Deep Lock.

Cycled 5 miles along the Slough arm, to see if it was worth taking Emily Bronte to visit? No was the answer! Although most of the canal is very nice, the blanket weed nearly meets in the middle, which would not normally deter our brave and intrepid crew ( that's Jane and Brian) but what effort to reach the end, finding nothing. Well a builders merchant, not even a graffited welcome sign or a bench for the gongozelers to sit and watch you struggling to turn the boat.
Frances made a flying visit, which was nice ,as we had to mop her brow slightly due to issues with her new student accommodation! off she went to watch the regatta at Henley, she enjoys hob nobbing with the rich and famous and of course drinking lots of pimms!
We went up three locks, the first we have done for nearly three weeks! shared the locks with a lovely couple from Barnsley. called us Duck all the time, so felt quite at home. Dorothy has turned into Jane's crocheting idol and they spent a sunny afternoon taking about hooking. Brian went for a long cycle ride, John could not escape as can't walk far, poor soul!
The Mikron theatre company passed by, its their 42nd year on the waterways, we have seen a few of their shows which are usually held in pubs near to the canal , always good fun and topical.
life's great , beautiful weather, pretty mooring.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Boat Safety passed ! slightly disappointed that we don't get a nice shinny embossed certificate any more, after shelling out £240 ! just a reference number on a web site. Don't need to worry about that for another 4 years.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cowley Peachy

Our last evening in London was spent in good company with our lovely friends Mike and Anthea from Saphire, stayed up rather late drinking and discussing boating life.
The sun shone brightly as we wandered out of the Big smoke into suburbia.
Three huge carp swam past, lit by the sun, also we spotted a terrapin basking on a log, the canals support lots of wild life even in London.
Enough relaxing, our safety certificate is looming! All hands on deck to get Emily Bronte ship shape and bristol fashion.
Brian has been extremely busy, making sure our electrical and gas fittings are safe and secure, this involved a little work on the water heater chimney, taking panels off to check wires and pipes. Basically disturbing lots of spiders, which Jane hoovered up!
Jane was let loose with a paint brush and a tin of cream gloss to paint inside the gas locker. Most of the paint stayed inside , she only managed slight high lights in her fringe.
Keep your fingers crossed as the examiner comes tomorrow afternoon.