Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Some 'Finally's

Lewis has done his finals, Hooray!
after 4 years of fervour, fun, and friendship he's done it. Scary time ahead waiting for results mid July. Good luck son.
He had fun bringing his huge collection of books and general paraphernalia back to the boat by punt from St Hilda's to where we were moored at Christ church meadow.
And this means that we can finally leave Oxford and continue down our old friend the wonderful Thames, visiting all the beautiful places we've known for nearly 20 years.
Walking up the Wittenham clumps from Days lock and Streatley hill from Goring, views stretching out for miles and bringing back lots of happy memories of adventures with the children.
Little stop at Cholsey, Gershwin saw the vet and doesn't want to talk about it!
Brian had a grand time at  Greenwich, selling lots at the Open Gardens weekend.
Jane has rekindled her love for a spot of knitting, encouraged by the lovely Kate (justpootling) and made a shawl, pleased with result, not sure how to wear it though?!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Celebrating 25 years afloat.

We moored on the Thames at Kelmscot , which is a peaceful, rural spot, very near Kelmscot manor William Morris' home. Many lovely early morning  walks from here, one very happy dog.
Had super evening at the local pub The Plough , which manages to  keeps its old world charm ,with a delicious choice of food, which we enjoyed to the full.

All sorts of Weather on the river.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Gershwin gets to grips with boating life

Enjoying the sunshine at Kelmscot.
Watching my crew  do the work at Pinkhill lock.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

On the River Thames at last

Had super jolly time in Oxford with family,involving lots of delicious food, recomend trying Atomic
Burger quirky cafe, with really tasty food, also wounderful icecream waffles at D and G's all along the Cowley road.
Found Gershwin at the Bluecross near Oxford with the help of sisters Liz and Jill, and family.
It's just like having a baby again, dog paraphernalia all over the place. Having to get up early and bed late. Very early playful mornings! But he is doing ok clean indoors for 3 days and can sit when asked. Loves to play with other dogs , and chew things !
Came off the river ,as heavy rain meant increased flow, which wasn't too much fun.
Trying again today , moored at Ensham up stream of Oxford ,right across from the wier. Lock keeper says the river is settling down, only a few fast flowing stretches still!?

And then there was Five!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Thanks to Martin and Penny for the rhubarb, had delicious crumble, didn't even get to take a photo before it was gobbled up!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Speeding to Oxford

Braunston turn, a beautiful day to turn onto the South Oxford canal, under these elegant  bridges made by Horseley iron works in 1828.
On our way to get Lewis to his finals in Oxford .
Happy times in Banbury as we met some old friends of ours, from our days on the Worcester and Birmingham canal in 1990.
The Moore family on board Narrow boat Regent.We spent a very  fun evening catching up in the pub, sampling Hildegard van Ostaden's Solange Beer from Belgium.
This is the next day still swapping stories! as we wait for a lock to empty.
Cropredy  lock cottage , moored below here for a couple of nights, this is where the famous folk festival is held, maybe one day we'll take part.
Somerton deep lock, these narrow locks seem to get narrower as you are going down,  it makes me feel a little nervous.

One of the many lift bridges on this canal. 
Jane looking concerned as we go down in the Aynho weir(d) lock, tricky for a 70"6' boat, with this oddly shaped lock .
Lewis entering the bottom lock at Napton, a flight  of 7 locks, where the lock gear had been covered in grease to help them run smoothly, which Jane ended up covered in. And below Lewis ready to run the London marathon in just a week! Please support him at www.justgiving.com/fortheelephants .

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Ashby Adventure

Turning onto the Ashby canal, twenty one and three quarter miles long ,no locks , one tunnel, sixty bridges.
All new for Emily Bronte
Brian , his favourite hobby, the last of the ash from Milton Keynes.
Jane's favourite hobby.
Stoke Golding, Sunny mooring!
Bosworth Field Battle sight, 
Shackerstone, beautiful  moorings next to a Motte and Bailey, this is where Jane would like to moor when she is old and decrepit. 
Snarestone black hole.
At the very end. well worth a visit.
A view of Measham across the fields, perhaps the canal will flow through there next time we are here.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Family Holiday in Middleton in Teesdale.

This is the Chapel we stayed in to celebrate big sisters special birthday,
Very spacious with plenty of space for all 14 of us, Complete with full size snooker table and sauna room.
Meal times meant full time catering, luckily we had lots of willing cooks.
Especially when it came to making chocolate pudding!
Birthday girl and beau.
Eventually! suited and booted we went to see High Force.
High Force at its best after 2 months of rain.
The Three sisters ( scary how alike we are )
Brain trying out the all terrain pram, baby fast asleep.