Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Some 'Finally's

Lewis has done his finals, Hooray!
after 4 years of fervour, fun, and friendship he's done it. Scary time ahead waiting for results mid July. Good luck son.
He had fun bringing his huge collection of books and general paraphernalia back to the boat by punt from St Hilda's to where we were moored at Christ church meadow.
And this means that we can finally leave Oxford and continue down our old friend the wonderful Thames, visiting all the beautiful places we've known for nearly 20 years.
Walking up the Wittenham clumps from Days lock and Streatley hill from Goring, views stretching out for miles and bringing back lots of happy memories of adventures with the children.
Little stop at Cholsey, Gershwin saw the vet and doesn't want to talk about it!
Brian had a grand time at  Greenwich, selling lots at the Open Gardens weekend.
Jane has rekindled her love for a spot of knitting, encouraged by the lovely Kate (justpootling) and made a shawl, pleased with result, not sure how to wear it though?!

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