Thursday, 18 July 2013

32 Degrees

This weather is amazing, 32 degrees here in Harefield yesterday. Moored above Black Jack 's lock, managed to find a little shade for Brian to work in, he made a wonderful Heron , which is a nice quiet bird not like the peacocks which are living on a little island just across from us, very much heard but can't be seen! Wanted to get a photo but they are hiding in the bushes.
Lots of boats passing on their way to the IWA rally, started going by this morning at 5am!
We are staying here as our new fridge won't arrive until the 2nd of August! Struggling on with ours which is just about keeping things from going off!
Went to the local pub last night which is in a beautiful position looking over a lake with sailing boats, we are looking for some where nice to eat out, for our 25th wedding anniversary, can't believe it, time has flown by.

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  1. Wowee Jane, can't believe you've hit the big 25 as well ! Happy Anniversary to you both. It's Dave's and mines 26th today x