Friday, 2 August 2013

Hip hip hooray a new fridge freezer today.

At last the fridge freezer is onboard, fully plumbed in, and in prime position! Can't wait to get frozen foods , well ice cream really and of course the essential frozen peas.
This means we will be on our way again, new waters at last. It's strange but now we're on the move,
have even ichier feet than before. Off to Cambridge slowly.
Sarah, Neil, Noah and Reece came to visit on their way to Germany. The boys enjoyed steering the boat, it was nice to catch up on family news.So busy forgot to get any photo's.
Brian has sold another one of his beautiful Herons, and has another one on order.
I've been busy hooking baby Wilson's blanket, slippers and hat , really enjoyed making the hat, will do them in lots of different colours, now I've mastered the pattern.
Hopefully more to blog about now we are underway again.


  1. Like the fridge but four types of cheese and only one beer! get your priority right .LOL.

  2. All will be rectified today. Beer and wine will be stocked and available.

  3. Aww stuff for baby Wilson looks awesome! Thanks Jane x