Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Speedy Trip To Yorkshire.

Hired a car and began a week of dashing from one lovely family get-together to another.
Started by picking Lewis up from Heathrow airport, back from his summer school in the Czech Republic, which he greatly enjoyed mainly due to the fact there were 60 women to 20 men on the course. He brought us a curious cucumber-shaped present back from Germany and a weird local liquor from the Czech Republic.

The next day we picked Frances up from Maidenhead, bringing her home for the night. It was a real family night in. 
Here she is in her Mermaid dress ready for Bestival.

We all had to be up really early the next day to get Frances to work in Sheffield for 10 am. We were left to investigate her new home.She has managed to make her attic room very cozy. Meeting up after work we drove up and up into the beautiful peak district for a jolly old fashioned picnic. Lewis opened the champagne he got for his 21st birthday to celebrate.

Next we went to visit Jill and Gary where we all squashed into their pretty cozy terrace cottage complete with chickens in the yard (who escaped and had to be tempted back by Frances with speciality bread). Gary made one of his impressive pavlovas, which was yummy and we were joined by the Bithell family who had a very enjoyable time in Germany. The boys put the (ex)-smelly-armpit spell on us with their Harry Potter wands.

Liz and Ken put up with us, or put us up, which ever! in their beautiful house, we had an evening stroll around Skipton, seeing the infamous Lucy from attic24 ( Kate will be jealous!).

Took Mum out for a day in the Dales, visiting an old weaving mill on the way to Kendall. It was a bit of a busman's holiday for her at the mill but they did very nice tea and Victoria sponge cake.
We stopped at the Garsdale head Viaduct to see the glorious sight of a steam train going like the clappers.

Had a pint with Dad and Enid, they are very busy keeping the local general hospital patients in provisions.
Finally it was home via Luton . Here we had a very tasty curry at Balti Nights of Wellington Street. Frances had a very hot green bean, which made her ears go bright red.

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  1. Would love to have seen Frances with bright red ears ! All sounds so lovely Jane, glad you had a chance to have a good catch up. And I can't wait for my trip up north !! x