Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cowley Peachy

Our last evening in London was spent in good company with our lovely friends Mike and Anthea from Saphire, stayed up rather late drinking and discussing boating life.
The sun shone brightly as we wandered out of the Big smoke into suburbia.
Three huge carp swam past, lit by the sun, also we spotted a terrapin basking on a log, the canals support lots of wild life even in London.
Enough relaxing, our safety certificate is looming! All hands on deck to get Emily Bronte ship shape and bristol fashion.
Brian has been extremely busy, making sure our electrical and gas fittings are safe and secure, this involved a little work on the water heater chimney, taking panels off to check wires and pipes. Basically disturbing lots of spiders, which Jane hoovered up!
Jane was let loose with a paint brush and a tin of cream gloss to paint inside the gas locker. Most of the paint stayed inside , she only managed slight high lights in her fringe.
Keep your fingers crossed as the examiner comes tomorrow afternoon.

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