Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Posh Picnic

Weather forecast was looking promising, so decided to shut shop and cycle to Regents park for a proper picnic.
We pitched up in the inner circle next to a lush Begonia, Marigold and  Geranium garden,blazing with red and orange.
We treated ourselves to some rather nice bread,cheese and olives from M and S . Wine from Lidl! We had proper plates ,cutlery and glasses.Yes I know it's a hard life for some ?
We drunk our wine surreptitiously, as we thought there might be rules against drinking alcohol in the park, but we didn't get busted.
Had a trip to the rose garden with its glorious iconic blooms in many different shades. Roses remind me of my childhood, only people who where serious gardeners grew them , I use to collect the petals and make foul smelling perfume.
Saw a giraffe on our way home, yes honestly, it wasn't the secretly consumed red wine either, we were just passing London zoo and there it was , a wonderful sight.