Saturday, 15 June 2013


Moored right next door to Boris Johnson's house, thought we might see him cycling down the tow path , but no sightings yet. Can see why he lives here , it really is beautiful, a tree lined cutting, which Is quiet for the middle of town.we are able to lock ourselves in at dusk which helps keep some of the riff raff out!
We did have a photographer rearranging things on the roof so that he could get a good photo, Brian told him it was a bit of a cheek not to ask , but he carried on regardless!
Greatly enjoying the markets both for food , vintage clothes and bric a brac.
Seen all sorts of weird and wacky boats , the best was one towing a huge inflatable pool, the sort you could jump into! , this was through the tunnel?!
Photo's specially for Dad!

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