Monday, 10 June 2013

21 Today!

The fun started on Friday, mooring close to Limehouse basin , Liz ,ken and Frances soon arrived. Lewis made a late appearance as usual, blaming us for not telling him where we were!
We walked into Canary Whafe ,to smart suits and pricey shops to match, we joined in and did a spot of shopping in waitrose, but I'm afraid our style of dress gave us away as simple country folk!
Open gardens come lewis birthday at Ballast quay ,was perfect, lots of people came to visit this beautiful hidden gem. We had a great time drinking pimms, sitting on the wall ,watching the Thames flow by, chatting to the visitors and neighbours.
Cycling back through the tunnel under the river at midnight was fun! Managed to get back to the boat just about in one piece! Ask Brian about the plant pot some time ?
We all had a super time and it was the nicest garden to celebrate in.

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