Friday, 11 October 2013

October Sunshine

Jane left the boat under the captain and cabin boys command, to visit family and friends on the land.
Packing lots of warm and water proof clothing, shoes and crocheting of course! as she was on her way to Skipton and "its cold in tha north"
As you can see from these photo's the weather was in fact warm and sunny, which was great.
Kate had come up to Skipton to experience the sights and sounds of the Dales and also to attend Yarn dale for a fix of the wool kind.
Jane thought it would be a great idea to walk up Malham cove. It all started very well up the winding path , past the clear flowing river Aire with its clapper bridges, then came the ascent to the very top, a couple of the troops had to stop quite a few time to take in the view!! after lots of huffing and puffing we reached the top, it was worth the climb as the view was breath taking.

Ken was smiling he had Buster to pull him to the top, plus a huge bag of Midget gems, which Jane was forced to eat due to lack of proper climbing food like Kendal mint cake or chocolate. We all had to sit back from the very edge realising that none of us enjoyed height! so we  just watched other fools staring over the edge.

This was how Kate and I knew we were on the right path to Yarn dale, yes that is a swing bridge over the Leeds and Liverpool canal that has been cleverly crochet bombed with small yellow ducks!! This was just the start of things 60,000 pieces of crocheted bunting lined our way , we felt a bit like Alice in wonderland on her way down the rabbit hole into another world. Kate and Jane achieved all the things they wanted to from meeting Lucy from attic 24, finding her lovely workshop ( green with envy now) to stroking angora bunnies and the grand day out was not complete yet . We took the red double Decker bus into town for lunch at the wild oat cafe famous for its knit and natter sessions.

A day out in Skipton was not complete without eating a very yummy pork pie, which we didn't let Kate have all to herself.
what a great time we had it was so much fun seeing my lovely friend Kate,all too soon it was time to see her off from the station.

Next stop was Sheffield to visit Frances, Liz drove Mum, Vera and Jane there in her new car, very flashy! but low slung as we found out on her very steep drive Eek!!
A very good time was had by all ,especially the strawberry cocktails( as Mum and Frances can vouch for) and the pontefract cakes.
 Liz and Jane must apologise to the people above our room at the premier inn as the load bang was a stray cork that flew out of the bubbly bottle at high speed ,nearly hitting Liz in the eye on its way up!!

Jane's feet quickly got back on the canal , as a job she had applied for before her adventures in Skipton meant she had an interview as soon as she got back. This proved successful,much to her shock and amazement,! having not had an interview for 18 years. So starting next week , full time (must be mad) coming to a John Lewis Cafe in Milton Keynes. Don't worry only for the Christmas period is Jane.
This is a flower granny square , making a scarf to sell with the very nice wool Kate sent . Thanks kate !

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  1. Lovely post Jane, wasn't it just the best weekend ? ♥
    Good luck with starting your new job this week.
    K xxxx