Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Not to be !

Well Jane's job didn't work out to well, infact only lasted a week.
Mainly due to back problems and finding it difficult to conform to buttoned up uniforms, eating off trays and generally feeling like she was back at school .
Brian kept up his good work ethic anyway, by making lots of beautiful things to sell at a new gallery at Wilton .
Jane carried on with what she enjoys best and has been making Christmas cards and decorations which will be winging there way towards friends and family soon.
Liz came to stay which was q great distraction from Jane's wows .This proved timely as Christmas shopping is much more fun with a sister in tow! And retail therapy can sometimes improve humour ,not always mind !
It was a good thing Liz brought a huge rucksack , as this went back full of Christmas goodies for the family up north, shame about her clothes though!
Milton Keynes is becoming easier to navigate around, mainly due to Brian trying different routes every time he leaves the boat. It is a place full of great ideas , that need a few more years to come together. It is affectionately known as Telly Tubby land by the crew.
Emily is having new front doors as we speak , so everything is pretty much up side down. The old ones leaked and were drafty, so off they came this morning, watch this space for up dates. Hopefully to be completed by the time Lewis returns from Uni in 4 weeks.

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