Friday, 12 April 2013

Tug of war with Bronte

Very pleased to find our friends, The Kennet horse boat company are still going strong!  In Kintbury. What a majestic sight, the horse just gentle plodding down the tow path pulling its heavy load quietly through the countryside.
That tranquil picture was  slightly marred by Jane getting Bronte stuck on an underwater obstruction , which was bad enough but this was on a weir :$
After much pulling on ropes , pushing with poles and engine power, we were still in exactly the same position.
Brian got to work in getting his winch out. Yes seriously !
At this moment knights in high viz jackets appeared , volunteers anyway , so we had a game of tug of war with Bronte ,and eventually we won !
Off we went , much to our relief. Thanks to Steve and his team:-)
Moored in beautiful spot at Hamstead, the sun came out and calm was restored.
Time for Brian to go for a run and Jane to make mini roses.

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