Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Two smoking chimneys

Moored here and we could be back in the 18th century!
Crofton steam engines are in full steam and puffs of black smoke belch out of the huge chimney.
Brian the blacksmith is working away at his forge , anvil ringing out across the water , and black smoke rises out of Bronte's modest chimney. Nearly got poetic there!
All we need now is a steam train to pass by.
Frances has regaled us with tales of her rowing escapades, capsizing and swimming in the freezing Thames. Lewis's Ukrainian friend rang him and we got to hear lewis at last , chatting and guffawing in Russian , which was amusing.
Later moving to Great Bedwyn , where we are meeting our old but young friends the Applebys . Also hoping the bakers is still going so we can have freshly baked bread for breakfast .

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