Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Marvelous Marsworth

what about this location for a creative crochet heaven? This is one of the reservoirs that feed the flight of locks here on the Marsworth flight. 
Look at the view, its so beautiful. 

 The sunsets here are amazing, who needs to go any where else.

Lewis had to catch a train from Tring which was 3 miles away , carrying a huge rucksack ( as usual). Dad came to the rescue,as he ran along side Lewis, as he cycled with the trailer carrying heavy rucksack. Brian then cycled trailer back to the boat.(were there's a will there's a way)

Here's what happened to those juicy blackberries we picked. Oops some are trying to escape the pie!
 All we need now is some custard.

This flight of locks really are a joy to work, as they seem to be really well balanced, plus we are going down hill which always seems easier,  I'm sure is all in the mind!


  1. All looks heavenly - everything as it should be. xxx

    1. Thanks Kate x
      Lewis has been helping me improve the lay out and I'm pleased with the result.