Thursday, 12 September 2013

Through a hedge backwards.

With a hint of autumn in the air, chilly evenings and some heavy showers, we have a perfect excuse to light the right rosy Rayburn . Brian went out on a search for fuel, his favourite secret hobby. returned with a good stash of the finest ash, which burns hot.

Jane made a few pounds of Damson Jam  which was a beautiful colour , slightly tart, and great spread thickly on toast. Best find yet was an apple tree bearing huge unblemished cookers. with some brave acrobatics from Brian, and boat maneuvers by Jane we soon had a good few pounds.
This spot proved to be the best spot for selling crocheting so far.
 Sunset through gearing.

went for a walk along the ridge way to the Ivinghoe Beacon, had a great view of the harvested fields and shadows of clouds it really was a peaceful scene.
Here's where the peace is shattered , Jane is caught short and breaks one of her own rules , never to answer a call of nature out doors, but needs must and having carefully selected a most secluded gap in said hedge proceeded! only to fall backwards into huge visciously thorned  blackberry bush.  Scrambled out looking like she had had a fight with  a wild cat and lost, not only scratched to pieces but with a sprained little finger!limped home discovering thorns every where!! for tea and germalene.

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