Thursday, 23 May 2013

Investigating the Regents canal.

Cycled from Little Venice to Limehouse basin. Very grand on the way to the zoo, canal passes right through, monkeys must be constantly on the look out for the banana boat!
Double locks all the way, got to Camden, just opening their shutters , ready for the hoards of punters, lots of boats moored here too.
Isslington looked like it was good for shopping, lots of smart shops plus a market.
Got to Limehouse after a couple of detours around two tunnels.we decided to cycle back through the centre, passing Tower bridge, with its bus loads of foreign tourists. 50 p here to us the loo!? Then along the embankment , cycling along with city types on their Boris bikes complete with umbrellas sticking out, making it impossible to pass them.
Big Ben was chimming as we whizzed on through the traffic , got to Buckingham palace for changing of the guards.
Really enjoyed this exhilarating ride, slightly scary but great fun.
Still can't decide if we will do the Lee and Stort?

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