Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Brentford Welcome! Clandestine crocheting.

Our trip on the tide started at 4.40am in the half light , it was a dry misty morning. We arrived as instructed. But at the lock, it was deserted! After waiting around for 15 mins , worrying  that the tide will wait for  man nor beast ! Brian rang the lock keeper who had to dash from his bed,he  was a little grumpy to say the least but forgot to charge us our overnight mooring fee!
The actual journey was very quiet and easy , cutting our way through the mist into the glorious sun rise. Passing only early morning rowers and wild life.
Managed to find the entrance to the lock cut at Brentford although there was no signage .
Our relief at this super easy trip, soon turned to dismay as there was not a sole to let us into the lock, even though we had dutifully booked our passage .
This is when the tide decided to go out , ecck! This is quite disconcerting when the water level drops by 3 feet in half an hour.
I went inside to panic quietly over a slice of toast , Brian rang the lock keeper who came eventually.Well, just before we thought about blacking our hull , while we where   stuck on the bottom.
After this very early morning excitement most of the crew had to lie down for a few mins and later drink. Copious amounts of wine to calm their nerves.
Brentford high street was a typical mix of betting shops , take aways and tattoo shops, but Jane was pleased to find someone was brightening this urban landscape with crochet ! Yes covering the benches , phone box and even the trees! Guess what ? Jane had to join in , leaving a small piece of sunflower type granny squares crocheted to a bench. This could be the start of some thing,  forget Banksy watch out for some clandestine crocheting near you! A.K.A crochet babe;-)

Brentford boat yard is very interesting with lots of inlets, dry docks, themselves made from old hulls and some beautiful barges.

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