Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Paddington Arm.

Found a mooring on the Paddington arm, last time we came to Little Venice we could only get here by dingy!
Very busy here with commuters rushing by.
Had a visit from Hilary yesterday , she gave us a grand tour of the architectural kind around London in her car, it was really great wizzing around Regent park. Then on to Greenwich to see the river side garden, it was really pretty.
We had to find our own way home , first we walked through the tunnel under the river ,then along the river path to Limehouse basin ,where we are going to moor in a couple of weeks. This is were we stopped for refreshments of the alcoholic type.After walking about 5 miles we caught a bus from Aldgate this was still a  40 min ride to Paddington, we sat on the top deck at the front ,like a couple of kids!

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